Is Big Fat Lottos Safe to Gamble?

For four years, Big Fat Lottos has been a well known fixture in the lotto industry in the UK and abroad. The question of how safe it is to play the lottery with Big Fat Lottos comes up now and again. Though lotteries have existed for centuries according to this Wikipedia article, the question of safety still comes up from time to time.

how safe is big fat lotto?

New Lottery Ticket Options at Big Fat Lottos increase lotto safety and convenience

In addition to working with the lottery syndicates that they have managed for years, Big Fat Lottos is also planning on introducing single ticket play options to its lottery business. The feature of this option includes:

• This expansion offers individuals the chance to play on their own, instead of participating along with others. That, in other words, means those that choose to take part in a single player gambling option will have the chance to collect all of the winnings— instead of having to share them with other players.

• Instant win games will also be added to the website in the weeks, following the launch of the single ticket lottery option. Speculation is rife about which games are going to be added to the site, with no confirmation from the company till date.

• With an increased focus on offering single player options on big Fat Lottos, the site is quickly becoming a clear favorite with those people that are interested in a wide variety of games. For instance, people can now pick and choose, as well as participate in a variety of games, all at once– based on their own choosing.

Individuals that are interested in the new instant win or single ticket games are encouraged to bookmark the site and check back with news syndicates, for further updates on when the games are likely to be launched. The announcement is anticipated in the next couple months.

And while waiting for the new launches, the good news is that the affiliate program introduced by the company is already up and running. For those of you that believe in first mover advantage—don’t waste your time. After all, time is money. And in terms of safety, winning Big Fat Lotto can be the safest thing of all because it allows one to have the time of their life.


Big Fat Lotto: – The El Gordo Lotto

In Spain, lottery involvement is very common and as is the nature of many E U areas, lotto is a way of life. It is traditional for citizens to enter on a regular basis and sure enough “La Primitiva,” (Frequently called – el gordo de la primitiva) the state organized contest is a major center of attention twice per week.

This lotto is the granddaddy of them all, however, El Gordo – also acknowledged as the Christmas “fat one” is too amazing to comprehend. It’s the most favourite drawing of the year by a long way and sees the commencement of the festive season in no uncertain terms. It’s stated that King Carlos 111 launched this competition way back in 1763, as he wished his citizens to have a better way of life.

This el gordo primitiva Christmas lotto draw is the biggest world-wide with a total prize payout somewhere near 2 billion, with an enormous 1st jackpot prize which, because of the nature of the competition, is automatically split amongst all several duplicate winning lotto tickets. So many people want to enter the El Gordo lottery, that it is gauged to be as much as 97% of the whole population, which the actual set of lotto numbers is sold in multiples. You can buy an entire ticket for 200 Euros as a “billette”, or a tenth of a ticket, otherwise known as a “decimos.”

Why is BigFatLotto the place to play El Gordo?

El Gordo stands apart from virtually all other competitions worldwide, as many participants of the gordo loteria don’t bet for the remainder of the year. Therefore, it may be seen as a significant tradition, rather than just a lottery contest.

Custom is just about everything with the El Gordo lotto, as the lotto is administered the same way each year. Students at the San Ildefenso School always draw the numbers and the corresponding prizes; and sing the winning numbers to the public. Particular attention is paid to this extravaganza by the state radio and television; and the actual drawing itself takes about three hours on the morning of December 22 each year. There are a huge number of prizes and the drawing process is rather technical. Again, in keeping with tradition, winners frequently donate some of the money to school children.

Why play BigFatLotto’s El Gordo?

El Gordo lottery is especially favorite as you have a significant chance of winning a prize. You must not forget that the actual event itself is well-known as the Christmas lottery, whereas the title of El Gordo is held for the actual first prize itself. The potential rewards are so high that it is popular for individuals to get together to increase their chances of winning. These El Gordo syndicate groups are another means of celebrating their custom at this joyful time of the year by gathering acquaintances and colleagues together.

El Gordo should not be confused with the weekly draw that is also operated by the Spanish governing body and otherwise known as the La Primitiva or primitiva el gordo. The said title is very often used to relate to both, though passionate Spanish people are aware of the difference between them. As is usual in state lotto’s, wins are exempt from any tax revenue.


Big Fat Lottos — Euromillions!

With a record jackpot payout of £161 Million, EuroMillions is a massive, lump sum, tax-free, pan-European lottery that can roll over multiple times!

Played in:
the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

There are also 2 Millionaires GUARANTEED every single week in the UK Millionaire Raffle.

Playing with Big Fat Lottos is safe, secure and fun.You play with 55 entries into each draw guaranteed.You receive 55 entries in to each Millionaire raffle.Every possible combination of the two Lucky Stars is covered.Win a prize for matching 1 main number.If your Syndicate Entry matches 3 main numbers, ALL 55 entries will win a cash prize!You receive 1/130th of total WINNINGS GUARANTEED.After the draw your Syndicate Entry is electronically checked against the official results.100% of YOUR winnings are deposited into your player account straight away – No deductions are made.Big Fat Lottos is Licensed and Regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission with the highest standards of player protection.
Your Syndicate Entry has 55 lines in both EuroMillions draws (Tuesday and Friday) per week. Each line shares 5 common numbers plus one unique combination of the 2 lucky star numbers across the 55 lines.

For just £3.75 per draw your Syndicate Entry plays:

55 EuroMillions entries on a Tuesday55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Tuesday55 EuroMillions entries on a Friday55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Friday
For example, let’s suppose the 5 numbers common to your Syndicate Entry are: 9, 12, 29, 32, 50

If we combine those five main numbers with every combination of the Lucky Star numbers (1-11), your Syndicate Entry is GUARANTEED to match BOTH Lucky Star numbers on one of your lines.

Remember, your Syndicate Entry only needs to match ONE main number to win a cash prize!

Big Fat Lottos takes all the hassle away.We operate your Syndicate Entry and make sure 55 entries are
ALWAYS entered for every draw.No deductions are made from your winnings!
You get your own Big Fat Lottos online Member Account, where you can look at:

Your winnings
Your draw results
Your member profile
Your payments
Your syndicate entry numbers

four Interesting Facts You Should Know About Uk Lotto

Big Fat Lottos notes that: Although UK lotto is one of the most talked about lotteries in the continent, there are numerous issues about it that most people don’t know. You will be astounded to know that you can win jackpot amounts worth £2 million – £3 million pounds, not once but twice a week. This can be fairly a lot of money and most of you will really feel inclined to purchase a couple of tickets and test your luck in this. After all, you might finish up winning a huge quantity. But since you would love to invest your cash in these tickets, you ought to also know a few fascinating facts about the lottery.

1. There Are Unclaimed Prizes – Although this is highly surprising, but there are fairly a couple of individuals who have failed to claim their winning prizes. Contrary to most of the individuals who wait eagerly on the day the results are announced to know their fate in the lottery, there are other people as well who don’t have any expectations from the UK lotto and fail to verify the results. Occasionally, the winner might have also lost his ticket or had it stolen. Usually, you can claim your prize money within a prescribed time, failing which you will shed it forever. Statistics show that there are numerous unclaimed prizes remaining.

2. Cash Given to Charities – The UK lotto has been engaged in a very noble business of supplying funds to numerous charitable organizations. The main purpose is of course to give back the cash to the individuals who have paid to buy the tickets. Numerous people have turn out to be richer in the process. With at least two jackpot winners each week, it has created numerous millionaires over the times. There are also numerous individuals who win smaller amounts. You will be happy to know that more than £16.6 billion pounds have been paid so far in prize money.

three. Massive Jackpots – The focus of each lottery is generally on the jackpot and there has been a lot of money given away via these jackpots every week in the UK lotto. Because winning the jackpot can literally change your life, people are very eager to know about the amounts provided in the jackpots. £28 million pounds was won by a single player in 1 instance and in another £42 million pounds was the provide which was shared by 3 players. That is a huge quantity by any standards and you could feel really fulfilled if you get an quantity close to that.

4. Continued Achievement – This lottery continues to be a huge achievement in the country. Studies show that nearly all the individuals, who have won the jackpot once, continue to play the games again and once more to see if they can win once more. This is a sign of the recognition of UK lotto and that numerous individuals of the country want to try out their luck in these games.

These facts point to the fact that people are enjoying playing the lottery and are interested to keep on playing and winning. All of them are waiting for the day when Lady Luck smiles on them and they turn out to be the jackpot winner.

Big Fat Lottos and The Mobile Lotto Gambling Boom

Picture your self in the following circumstance: you are getting completely bored at a business meeting and then you see a co-employee, who is close to you, with his/her smartphone enjoying playing lottos online. Then you watch him win a twenty quid with real cash, not play money, on real bets. This scenario could easily be the dream of the mobile gambling industry, a dream that a new white paper by research company Gerard Consultants concludes has outstanding chance of becoming a actuality in the future for more people in the UK.

Gerard’s white paper estimates that gross wages, by way of the mobile phone gambling platforms, will most probably reach an amazing level of over 40 billion GBP within several years – combining casino games, betting on horse races, lottery and any other sort of gambling that can be completed via the small display of a mobile telephone. Big Fat Lottos is one company that is ready to embrace the chaging landscape, with a mobile-ready web interface.

In several techniques, the cellular phone is in reality the perfect tool for gambling due to its portability and near universal adoption across social classes; gambling revenue is now an attainable objective for any with a mobile plan. If the USA’s legislation against online lottos can be modified or at least “worked around”, the smartphone will allow the user to gamble with out any restrictions, anytime of the day, at the workplace, while having an hour lunch break, at 13:00 in the morning, waiting for the buss, or waiting in the line at the grocers…anything at all goes. For individuals who are worried about our public image, and resist going to a physical place to do a spot of gambling for fear of being judged or seen by others, now, with the assistance of our small friend, the mobile, one can play lottos online wihtout disclosing their identity to everyone in the neighbourhood.

More experts are affirming that mobile gambling is being limited worldwide due to the United States’ limitations on gaming in the present federal gambling laws. However, the many barriers to carry mobile gambling from the UK to the US will be eliminated if the legislation is challeneged by the populace; in this case, if overturned, it will open a new vista of Web gambling on lotteries.

Should companies like Big Fat Lottos benefit from new legislation outside the UK, sales by way of mobile gambling will help bring in some new business; specifically, adults between 18-24 who are familiar with on-line transactions. In England as effectively as other countries in Europe, lottery tickets can currently be acquired by means of a mobile phone, which implies that the technological help is already obtainable and is a model for the rest of the world.

To show the potential product sales of Big Fat lottos, the People’s Republic of China, with its very successful lottery system, managed to gather more than nine million registered consumers. In addition, other mobile lotteries are presently making a bundle in Africa and Latin America which proves that if carried out effectively, it can deliver a great profit without extreme efforts…something that bodes well for gambling companies.

All issues considered, the recipe for achievement as far as mobile gambling is concerned has already been written, which means that in the short term mobile gambling will turn out to be a crucial part in the lives of several of us that enjoy making a wager from time to time.