Big Fat Lottos Review

Big Fat Lottos Review: Scam or Safe?

Big Fat Lottos ReviewLike most people who play online lotteries, you want to know whether sites like Big Fat Lottos are legit or not. After all, we want to be assured that anyone we trust with lotto winnings is above board. Here is a quick review of Big Fat Lottos, which will allow you to make up your own mind.

A cursory glance at results when searching for ‘Big Fat Lottos’ reveals a number of assessments for the site that are almost entirely positive; that said, upon closer examination, we were pleasantly surprised by the reassuring news that  Big Fat Lottos has a long-standing and blemish free business license within the Isle of Man, which is a major international jurisdiction. Moreover, its membership is also held within the UK Lotteries Council, the governing authority for companies like Big Fat Lottos. Thus, our review of is strengthened all the more by knowing that they are closely overseen by independent agencies both in the place where they are domiciled and here in the UK.

Review of the BigFatLottos website

User experience is everything, and if a site is deliberately complicated to use, or not well protected security-wise, it will rank low in customer experience and user review. This said, their web site employs state of the art 256-bit security to ensure iron-clad confidentiality where it matters most: in the payment and consumer account sections.  This fat reassures this reviewer that the not only is Big Fat Lottos well respected and regarded within their industry ,and has made significant strides to be as transparent as possible bot to the consumer and the regulatory agencies, but that they care about the user experience and protection, putting it as a top priority.

Is your money safe with Big Fat Lottos?

Our review of Big Fat Lottos shows that online security, government oversight, ease of use, longstanding and positive reputation, not to mention that the company is also subject to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, makes them a five star lotto syndicate who ensures that your personal information is thoroughly protected.

The website design has improved drastically as well. The new reveals as much; it will not take one very long to explore ways in which the various elements that contribute to the gambling experience have been drastically re-engineered and improved within recent months. Further, while ‘Big Fat Lottos’ may evoke the image of a massive and difficult site to navigate and use, it simply refers to the size and magnitude of the enormous winnings and the amount of options to play. Their website, in truth, is very simple, and promotes distinctive syndicate games.

Our Big Fat Lottos review points out that they are centered on the most germane European lotteries, not to mention that they also have on offer a number of well-known games from the States such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

For all these reasons, our BigFatLottos review is strongly positive and we feel that the best way to review is for the end user to find out how good Big Fat Lottos is by seeing for themselves.

Reviewed by S.C.


7 thoughts on “Big Fat Lottos Review

  1. Bigfatlottos need to make it very clear that once you take advantage of the initial offer of 55 entries for £1 you are taking out a subscription I thought I was gambling £1 but after checking my bank account soon realised that this was not the case and over £50 had been debited from my account. they did send emails but I thought they were asking me to enter again so did not open the emails but binned them straight away I feel i have been coned.

    Steve Edmonds

    • I to thought I was playing for £1 and£223.50 has been taken out of my bank without me knowing . I never had any emails from them at all
      M nottingham

  2. I suspect that this blog page was actually set up by somebody affilliated with Big Fat Lottos as a way of countering the myriad negative reviews floating around the internet. It reads far too much like an advert for the company rather than an honest review.

    Shame on you, Big Fat Lottos.

  3. Doesn’t anyone find it a bit strange that this review of Bit Fat Lottos is on a website called “Big Fat Lottos Blog”? Reviews like this seem a lot less trustworthy when they’ve apparently reviewed themselves!


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